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Complementing the vintage  character of the wall finishing, carved wood, ceramic tiles and  décor, the non-traditional elements - like metal, mirror surfaces, vibrant colors and lighting  - add a fresh touch to the general atmosphere, making it thoughtfully balanced between traditional and modern.

For a traditional Transylvanian food serving restaurant, the concept had an obvious starting point. Playing with original elements, interpretations, subtle hints and tradition inspired  aesthetics and trying to blend them in a sensitive, non-pretentious but contemporary manner, the destination crystalized in a warm, welcoming, happy place, reminiscent of childhood and of summers spend at your grandparents’ house.

Zama // Cluj-Napoca

Interior design concept: Cosmin Todor

Design team: arh. Ilinca Șerban

3D visual representation: CGI Alexandru Apostol

Photo: Dacian Groza

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