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Samsara is a truly magical place for those who love delicious food, made out of passion— A space where the focus is on artisanal products. They work with fresh ingredients, carefully selected from both national and international suppliers. Beside its delightful variety, Piata 9 has one thing that will make you come back, from baristas to cooks, everyone loves what they do. And they do it good.

We are dealing with a project that was in an industrial-looking commercial hall that we wanted to keep, but at the same time to give it a friendlier air reminiscent of a fine market. Dining Inside, next to the bar and the wooden counter, which have this arch line with a different interpretation, the rest of the furniture elements have unitary lines, everything goes on curved lines, a circular arch and there are objects made especially for this project.

To bring more personality to space and to be consistent in the line of the arches, we created a decorative portal that would make a passage from inside to outside, this being made of a perforated sheet. An essential element in the design are hotels with a precious industrial look that are very visible.

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