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Located in Sibiu Mall, Hug the plate bistro has a dynamic and organic layout, molded around the unique configuration of the commercial space it resides in. Quite restrained in chromatics and finishes, but lush in the movement of volumes and shapes, the space is also defined by stylistic contrasts: the massiveness of the bar versus the lightness of the almost-floating ceiling slab, the masculine roughness of the terrazzo and metal versus the feminine softness of the fitted carpet, the sober chromatics of the finishes versus the refreshing cheerfulness of the seating.

Our style incorporates layering of patterns, textures and colour to create a playful yet sophisticated look. Conceived as a landmark, the restaurant’s building has a sculptural architecture with a strong visual identity.

Hug The Plate // Sibiu

Interior design concept: Cosmin Todor

Design team: arh. Diana Dobrin,

3D visual representation: CGI Ion Săstraș

Photo: George Reuel

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