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Aristide Hotel // Syros, Greece 

Interior design concept: Cosmin Todor

Design team: arh. Paula Horváth, arh. Alexandra Zaharia

3D visual representation: CGI Alexandru Apostol 

Photo: George Reuel Negrea

A project like the Aristide Hotel is a unique opportunity for any architect. The neoclassical building presented many challenges, but we hope that the end result successfully integrates contemporary design elements without sacrificing functionality and comfort. Our priority was to preserve and highlight the building’s original features, and for the new design elements to reflect a particularly Greek aesthetic as well as the grand and cultured past of Hermopolis. Greek marble, in an airy and sleek incarnation, plays a major role in the interiors. 

The Aristide family was deeply involved in the design process, and the final result reflects their vision that the hotel should have the feel of a grand private home rather than that of a commercial space. Their choice of colours, artwork and decorative objects further personalised the spaces, as well as the decision to only use ‘real’ materials: anything that looks like solid wood is solid wood, brass is brass, marble is marble and so on. 

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